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30 December 2015 @ 11:07 pm

>> Multi-chaptered Fanfiction <<

Title: Daisy
Pairing: Pikame

Prologue = Part 1 = Part 2 = Part 3 = Part 4 

Title: Missing Pieces
Pairing: Akame

It was snowing.//It was a long drive.//He was crying.//He's finally settled.//They agreed.//It was Kazuya's birthday.// Kazuya is happy.//Jin is scared.//It was raining hard.//Morning came. //Everything was quiet.// The storm is over. 

 Title: Afterglow
Pairing: Pikame
Kazuya is sick.//Confirmed pregnant.//Tea and Sympathy

>> Oneshot Fanfiction <<

Title: Why are you crying?
Pairing: Ryoda

Hime?! Why are you crying?!

Title: Learning a lesson
Pairing: AKame


Title: Tenshi to Ningen: Ame no Heartbreak
Pairing: Akame

I'm flying.

Title: Water Dance
Pairing: Akame
click me!!! 

Title: When the Lights Go Down

Pairing: Pikame
OhmyGod!!! I wrote a smut fic!!! **dies**


Title: Birthday Wish
Pairing: Akame

“Kazu. Its happy birthday to me…Wish you were here.” 

Pairing: Akame, Kamenashi Kazuya/Nishioka Tsuyoshi

Title: Kindling Love
Pairing: Akame

 >> Songfic <<

Title: Thinking Of You lyrics
Pairing: Akame (slight Pikame)

Jin, don't go...

Title:  Niju-sanji-han / 23:30

Pairing: Akame, JinxMeisa

>> Drabble <<

Title: Kisses of the Week
Pairing: Akame

kissu shite?

Title: Shopping Trip Drabbles
Pairing: Akame
 Jeans. // Shirts. // Shoes

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14 March 2012 @ 08:59 am

Title: Niju-sanji-han / 23:30
Author: kirei_shinigami
Paring: Akame, JinxMeisa
Rating: PG, Please note that one rated R word, thanks 
Genre: Romance, slight angst
Disclaimer: Kamenashi Kazuya corporately owned by fangirls and Johnny-san and Akanishi Jin is the sole propriety of Kuroki Meisa.
Summary: If his dream was bound to come true so be it. Let him have Jin just this once.
Author's Note: So, after the many months of indefinite hiatus, I'm back with another story although my fic writing would be of slow start, sorry to my readers, I had a lot of fics that I had set aside due to personal reasons, I feel that there is something lacking. Anyway, my new fic is definitely something, hehehehe, I hope you'd appreciate this. I've been listening to too much Perfume :))♥. BTW, story is so random so I dun care anymore, hahahaha! enjoi :))

23:30Collapse )

The inky black skies were dotted with million stars shining, glittering, twinkling from afar. They were such a beauty to look at. On summer nights like this one, there is nothing else better to do other than throw one's windows wide open and sit on the edge to stare at the beautiful night sky. And this is exactly what one young, pure-hearted soul has set out to do. There he sat on the windowsill, windows wide open, and the soft breeze refreshing his tired mind and body.

Being young is such a blessing especially when you are in love. The elders often envy the youth for being such bubbly creatures and utterly carefree. They were fickle yet fierce. Their souls burned with a passion when chasing after dreams and goals with a burning desire. With love, they were innocent and honest.

Affections are the best gift one can receive from a special someone that they yearn. This is quite true for one young man who has found himself irrevocably in love with his sempai. Nothing beats daydreaming for Kazu-chan as he is fondly called. Most of his days are spent staring at beautiful bright skies and sakura trees and twinkly stars at night. Wide eyes stared lovingly at the stars above, a soft smile playing on soft lips. Every now and then, he would giggle and hug himself. He couldn't help it. Just earlier after school let out, he had met his crush at the third floor corridor. It was a meeting he couldn't forget.

The bell had rung signalling the end of classes. Young boys and girls spilled out of rooms hurrying to club meetings, practice or simply waiting for friends to hang-out with. But Kazuya couldn't be bothered with his classmates plans. his teacher has just asked him to go fetch a book that has been left in Class 3D's classroom. Being the good student he is, he had agreed readily much to the annoyance of Shige who was waiting for him by the door.

"Ne, Shige, you go ahead, I'll come by quickly, I promise." 

Shige has just shook his head and shrug his shoulders in agreement. "Better hurry there turtle-san or we will eat your share."

"Hai, hai." Kazuya responded, smiling at Shige as he slung his bag and hurried out the door to head for 3D.

Kazuya waltzed past the students who were still milling in the corridor. He nodded and smiled to those who called after him. As he was climbing the stairs, a tune popped out in his head and he hummed not minding the glances students were giving him. He paid no heed to them even after some kids bullied him in school.

Class 3D's room was quite a distance. Climbing two sets of stairs and just as he was walking sown the corridor, a figure had emerged from one of the rooms. It was Akanishi-san! The handsome striker in the soccer team. Suddenly, the young boy found himself conscious whit this looks: he tugged at his shirt and hair and looked around him to check is someone else is behind him. They were going to meet halfway, Kazuya thought. he tried to give a smile which turned out looking timidly painful but Akanishi-san grinned at him and nodded in recognition. Kazuya's heart beat faster, and oh my, he was sweating a bit!

Feeling himself blush in response, Kazuya bowed his head and hurried his steps. When he secured himself in 3D's room, he secretly smiled to himself and hurried to finish his task when he heard a scraping sound. Turning around, he saw Akanishi-san.

"Ah, gomen ne, I forgot my notes."

Kazuya shut his mouth unsure of what to say.

"So, are you gonna just stay here? I'm sure Yamaguchi-sensei would like to have her book back."

"Ah, right!"

"Let's go. I'll walk with you."

Although it's late at night, Kazuya continued to dreamily stare at the night sky. Wishing the heavens for another beautiful meeting tomorrow that would suffice his heart's desire. Pulling himself off the windowsill, he checked the clock for the time.

"Ah, it's eleven thirty already, mou! I'm gonna be late if I don't sleep now."

Akanishi Jin was sitting on his bed which was beside the window. He had flung them open letting the warm breeze comfort him. Practice was hard and his body ached all over. He was never gonna let their captain, Matsumoto, punish him again. It wasn't his fault he was late. Okay, it was partially his fault though. He knew practice would start soon after the class let out but he couldn't help tail after the cute Kazu-chan whom he met by the corridor. The young boy was adorable and he had been crazy about his smile. Uh-oh, stalker alert. No he wasn't stalking his kouhai. He was simply observant. Yeah, that's right. Besides, the others were also fond of the freshman especially Matsumoto. Maybe that was why he was punished "severely" because Matsumoto got wind of word that he had walked the young boy to the faculty room and Matsumoto was very protective like a lion watching his pride. Ahh! That's what making promises do to you! If Matsumoto had not pledged loyalty like a dog to Kamenashi Koji, he wouldn't be like this!

Sighing, Jin glanced one last time at the stars before turning to bed.

"Dream of me Kazu-chan, I'll be sure to dream of you."

Graduation is just around the corner. Jin was jittery. He had won for the soccer team, won over his fans, won over his classmates and won over the heart of one young boy that had taken too long to woo. Secretly, they made their relationship. There were a lot of people who did not agree with it in the first place being that Kazuya was two whole years younger that Jin. And a lot of the previous students, mostly from one Yuichiro and Koji's classes were lurking the school after they heard the rumor. But here they are, together, side by side on the school's rooftop, hands clasp tightly.

"We'll be together right?"

"Of course we are. I'm right here beside you. We're together Jin, it's reality. This is real."

Jin grinned widely and pulled Kazuya close to him, dropping kisses on the boy's forehead. "Yeah, so real, I can't believe I got past Matsumoto and your brothers."

Kazuya laughed heartily. "'Course you did, this is a secret." Kazuya smiled and leaned up to stare straight into Jin's eyes. And without surprise, their lips touched. It was their first kiss. "Don't forget about me"

Jin smiled lovingly, "I won't. Even if college girls parade themselves in front of me, I won't." Kazuya laughed loudly at this but his eyes held uncertainty.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Fast forward to the future. Akanishi Jin had fortunately made a name for himself. When he went to Waseda University for his college education, he had met an agent who offered him to be a model. First, he was seen on billboards, then on the TV and suddenly he was swarmed with media and other popular celebrities. His agent was just too happy with how things were turning out. He was also overwhelmed by his sudden luck and fortune and he had forgotten about his beloved.

Parties left and right, modelings here and there, girls on one side and friends on the other, clubs, press conference, photoshoots, check, check and check. If he hadn't keep himself in check, he would've forgotten about his college degree but he managed to get by and he had a lavish life so he was able to pay the insanely expensive fees. With his mind busy, he had forgotten that he was in a relationship. It just faded into thin air. And he wouldn't be reminded of it if not for the Great Tohoku Earthquake.

Just after a week after the fateful disaster, his agency had announced that they will reach out to Sendai where most of the damage was. They had organized a charity were many attended and when news reached him that he will go there to see and hand over the supplies, he had caught glimpse of a face that had been buried in his memory.

But it was only for a moment. After the turn-over and pictures taken and handshakes, comfort and smile where given to the distraught citizens, he had searched for that face again. He couldn't forget it, despite the dirt that smudged the whiteness of his face and the dazed and sad look in those eyes, he could not mistook it. It was him, it was Kazuya, and suddenly he was his high school self again.

"Don't cry. I'll be sure to call you."

"You promise?"

"Yeah, I promise. You have my number, right? And my e-mail too, right? You just message me and tell me what an ass I am if I didn't call you, okay?" 


"Come now, don't cry. You can visit me too or I'll visit you whatever way it is we'll still see each other."

"Swear we'll still be together."

"I swear."

And a kiss sealed the promise.

Jin convinced himself that maybe his eyes were just fooling him but the heart refuses to accept. It was really him and his heart tightened with unknown emotion. He ran his hand over his hair in frustration. He was clearly upset but he doesn't know why and over what. 

"Anata," a soft voice called to him. He turned his head and saw Meisa carrying a bag filled with bento. She knew his favorite foods so she had probably filled them with it. Jin smiled appreciatively at her gesture and signaled for her to sit beside him. "Something wrong?" she asked.

Jin shook his head and smiled. "Nothing. I was just thinking about...marriage."

"Oh right, when do you want it to be?"

"I don't know, I'll let you decided with that, you ladies like it that way."

Meisa laughed heartily. "Yeah. I have a surprise for you."

Jin cocked his head to one side, looking at her. "What is it?"

Meisa smiled at him, she took his hand and placed it over her tummy. Jin was confused for a moment before it dawn on her. "No...seriously?!" He asked, surprise, unsure, doubting.

"I'm serious. I checked thrice. It's true. We're having a baby. Are you happy?"

Jin looked askance for sometime letting her words sink fully into his mind before breaking into a grin and hugged her tightly. 

"I thought you wouldn't want it."  Meisa said tearfully.

"Why wouldn't I? Thank you."

"No. Thank you."

Jin and Meisa walked through the streets of Shibuya, hands held together and smiling at each other. Their faces covered with overly big sunglasses and sports cap. They were busy hiding from and checking out shops in between. with the number of people in the streets, Jin had bumped into someone. He turned aside to help the person and found himself surprised.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." The young man said. There was a hint of sadness and hurt in his voice and his eyes held back brimming tears.

The man took Jin's hand to get himself up. He glanced at the woman who was standing beside Jin with a concerned look on her face.

"I'm okay now, thanks...Jin."

"You two know each other?" Meisa asked.

"Oh yeah, I'm Kamenashi Kazuya."Kazuya shook Meisa's hand. "Jin and I were schoolmates back in high school. he was my sempai."

"What a small world!" Meisa exclaimed. "Why don't we have some tea and you two can catch up with each other."

Jin was unsure but Kazuya took everything in stride. "I would love to."

And Jin found himself in a cafe sitting across his once beloved Kazuya. He watched him with careful eyes, memorizing each features, cataloging everything from his looks to his gestures to his tinkling laugh. He found himself surprised that the younger man had not even had an inkling of loath against him. Was he that easy to forget? Guess he was, after what he had done. He berated himself quietly for what an asshole he had been. Under lidded eyes, he watched the exchanged between what was once his love and what was now his love. For this moment, he found himself wishing the time to turn back.

"I had a good time today." The younger man said as he turned to face them. "Maybe, I'll be seeing you around here?"

"Yeah," Meisa replied enthusiastically. "I had fun today, too. It was nice meeting you, Kazu-chan."

Kazuya laughed, tilting his head back. His eyes then lingered to Jin who locked gazes with him, silently communicating, reaching out to him.

"I gotta go now, see you around. Ja."

The couple watched Kazuya go. Meisa leaned against Jin. "He's adorable and such a cutie."

"He is."

The constant ringing of his phone jolted him awake. He fumbled through his bedside tabled and grasped the vibrating object in his tired hands. "Yeah? I'm awake."

"Kazu." A soft voice whispered his name through the phone.

Kazuya opened his eyes wide, now fully awake. "Jin? It's eleven thirty almost midnight, what are you calling for?"

"I missed you."

A heavy silence lingered between them before Kazuya managed to speak, trying to stifle a laugh.

"That's quite ironic isn't it? You miss me after you're in the arms of another? Get real Jin."

"Aren't you even angry with me?"

"How could I be angry with you? I'm...It's not your fault, I'm quite easy to forget."

"Don't say that. You are -"

"Cut the crap Jin." Kazuya sighed, annoyed at having this kind of talk al;ready late into the night. "I've long accepted that we can't be together, that we will never be together right after I saw that first newspaper clipping with your face, that first billboard with you, the first tv ad playing you, the first rumors, the first everything. You're you Jin and that is your fate, destiny has carved your future to be famous while I'm here from afar. I've accepted that Jin and so should you. You're getting married and from what I've put together, you're gonna be having a child soon. I think you and Meisa were meant to be...I...I...God Jin!" Kazuya felt hot tears rolling down his cheeks. His quiet cries turned into heartbreaking sobs. Kazuya clutched the shirt on his chest tightly, anger and pain easing from his already broken heart.

"I'm an idiot. All of sudden I found myself busy and hadn't even given you a single call. I hate myself. Seeing you today brought back all the love I had for you -"

"Stop. You don't need to say that. You don't even have the right to say that. Jin, you're going to start a new life with your soon to be family, at least have the decency to focus on what you have now lest you lose them...I'm glad you called. I'm glad this happened. At least, I can now start healing myself. Thank you for everything Jin. Being with you was the best moments in my life."


"Oh Jin, congratulations by the way and good night."

With a click from his phone, Kazuya ended the call. He looked outside his window, still sniffling from his crying, and looked at the stars. Somehow, looking at them comforted him. He realized, as he was deep in his thought, that this was what he had done back when he was still longing for Jin and now, he still is.

"I just can't have you, can I?" He let out a hollow, bitter laugh. "But I'll get by. I'll definitely get by."



Furious knocking and a shrill voice yelling out his name woke Kazuya from his fitful sleep. He groggily got up and rubbed his eyes open.

"Kazuya, hurry up or we'll be late for school."

"Hai, I'm up."

Gingerly he got up from his bed and stretched. He walked to the bathroom and stared at the mirror. He can still remember bits from his dream and he wondered if they were bound to come true. At last, he resolved never to dwell on them. Another yell for his name, and finally Kazuya readied himself for school.

"Hey, Kazu-chan." 

Kazuya looked behind him and found Akanishi-san smiling at him.

"Ohayo, Akanishi-sempai."

"You know, you can just call me Jin. I hate being called AKanishi-san or Akanishi-sempai, it makes me feel old."


Kazuya blushed and Jin grinned at him. "Say, why don't we walk together to school. I would love the company."

"Sure, I would like to Aka- uhm, Jin."

Jin smiled softly at the flustered younger boy. Together, they started walking towards school. Discreetly, Jin reached out for the younger one's hand and entwined it with his. Kazuya blushed furiously at this but nonetheless held tighter.

"Say, you wanna hang-out later after school?"

"But you have practice, Matsumoto-sempai might get angry."

"Nah, don't worry about him. Let's hang-out together, okay? I'll pick you up by your classroom."

Kazuya looked up and smiled his agreement. If his dream was bound to come true so be it. Let him have Jin just this once.


So, what do you think? Gotta give me some love :))

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tuned-in to: 23:30 by Perfume
07 March 2012 @ 01:21 pm
so. i got a text message from our new secretary who was my replacement and instantly i feel so worried and responsible over her. she texted me something that i never realized could be true, but hey, i trust her. so, she was telling me that our officemate was goading her and is threatening her. this got me worried though. if ever she does quit the job, i'm doomed. i never want to go back to that awful job. ever. i mean, i have enough. why can't people understand that i am now hating my life being a secretary, gosh, please give me a break. and give the new secretary a break. how can she perform her job if she is being harassed and threatened. this is why i quit the job. i hate the people who are in the office.

i am so worried over her. she's  my classmate and friend, and that makes me responsible.

god, people can be so mean sometimes. 
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20 January 2012 @ 12:28 am
yeah right. i'm a selfish bitch but i have the right to be. ever since i got out of university and started working a different job other than what is stated in my diploma, i have been suffering brain cell depletion. LOL. okay, i am just kidding but seriously, i am craving to learn again therefore craving to go to school again. oh my!
09 December 2011 @ 03:24 am

this is my cute supposed-to-be puppy.
his name is shu-shu.
he loves to run and bite at random things...
he chases around a lot
shu-shu is the cutest dog ever!!!

he was supposed to be with me forever until the old witch came and  kidnap him T^T
poor shu-shu
i♥ u always
love shu-shu

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